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I need to know how many files Bryce can handle and where they go.

I read somewhere that Bryce doesn't like over 11 items in something.  My Presets are a mess.  When I open Create I have 28 different folders (Installed, User, Brinnen, Horo, Rajraj, newest, temp, etc.).  Each of these folders have more folders inside of them (furniture, bridges, toys, etc.).  When you click on them you see the objects in those folders/directories.

I want to clean up my directories/folders but want to follow any 'rules' so that I do it correctly.  Any help?


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    NGartplay - not sure what you mean with "how many files Bryce can handle and where they go". As far as I know the number of objects/textures/materials is not limited (if you are ready to scroll down ...) but the size matters. The maximum file size of any library must not exceed 2 GB (2048 MB). Does this help?

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    Welcome to the party NGartplay, I'm trying to clean my preset files and folders too, I have so many of the same objects in multiple folders, taking up unnecessary space. Those shared by Bryce members I'm re-saving them under the persons name.. S Ray, Fencepost etc, and all the freebies into categories like boats, space ships, houses etc. Horo's and David's products got their own folders from day zero so no reorganizing needed there. As Horo mentioned we got to watch the file size is not over 2GB.

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    Thank you Horo and mermaid.  I can definitely check file size.  I want my file locations to make sense and be easily accessible (sp.)   I, too, have duplicates and Bryce files take up a lot of space.

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    I'm going to sound stupid here but I've never spent any time on this.

    I have a folder under presets called JPGs Alpha.  In it are a few folders and in them I have either .bmp, .jpg or .lst files.  Where should these go to be usable?

    I also have an HDRI folder with lots of HDRIs in them.  Is this where I navigate to to select an HDRI in the sky lab?

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    NGartplay - before you start to actually modify things, I highly recommend that you copy the complete Presets folder to a save place. Just to be sure if something goes amiss you can revert.

    Bryce Preset folders are the 8 folders Brushes, Leaves, Materials, Objects, Skies, Textures, Trees and Treeshapes. If you don't have this PDF already, get it. See Page 6 "Where Specific Bryce Content belongs" should answer some of your questions.

    If you delete some parts within a particular library, remember that it is only hidden and still occupies the space in the file. If you have a library cleaned up, Export it with the same name to somewhere, e.g. the desktop, then delete the original one and copy the exported one back.

    Image files as jpg, bmp, png, etc. may belong to other programs (maybe Studio, Poser) or you collected them. A good idea is to put non-library content into another folder than Presets.

    You can add an HDRI to a sky setting and add it to a sky library saved under Presets\Skies but don't forget that such sky libraries with HDRIs included grow huge fast. HDRIs can be saved anywhere on you computer or network - as long as you find them when needed and loaded in the Sky Lab IBL Tab. David and I made some sets with sky libraries that included HDRIs but only with the lowest resolution. The higher resolutions are separate and a PDF that explains how to change a low res HDRI by the hi res one.

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    Oh gosh, thanks Horo.  I've been saving some HDRI skies...yikes.  I did some moving around last night too.  Uh oh.   I'm grabbing your link, thanks.

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    Horo as usual you are full of information :) :) Thank you

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    Bea - thank you. Hope it helps. Glad to see you, it's been a while.

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    thanks Horo.... I have to clean up my Preset Files too.  I have the same Problems like the others here, and I have Files to put in...

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    And  -  all in all  an interesting subject  +   Thanx

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