Shape Gen Plus Genesis 9 Edition (Commercial)

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Shape Gen Plus Genesis 9 Edition Official Support Thread

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    Is there a list of already used DAZ keyboard shortcuts? And what happens if I use Photoshop at the same time and am connected via the Photoshop bridge? If I use a PS keyboard shortcut practically in both programs DAZ & PS with a completely different function??? English is not my native language and I can't browse and sort through 1000 pages quickly when I enter a keyword like a keyboard shortcut.

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    1) Is there a way to do the body and head at the same time ?


    2) Should I apply the base feminine/masculine as appropriate before randomization ? I seem to be getting very unlikely results with an all-female petite group of People/Characters with no other morphs selected.


    3) Very much enjoying this - it is even smoother than last edition with the G9s.

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    1) No, not possible.

    2) Strictly your choice.

    3) Thanks for the supportyes

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