Frustrating body part selection issue.

I have been converting several of my figures I created for Poser into fully DazStudio version figures.  To do this I load the figure from Poser library, convert the rigging to traix weight mapping, then save it as a support asset / figure props asset.  This places the geometry into DS format.  I have had much sucess doing this, however on one particular figure, I have having issues selecting one of the body parts.

This is a tentacle style tool armature, at the very end of the body part chain is the "Head" body part. I can screen select in the preview window all the body parts with the node selection tool, however, I cannot select the "Head" body part with the cursor.  I can only select it with from the Scene tab.  I am able to select it before the conversion to Triax, but not after.  I have placed (in the image I provided) a non converted and converted figure side by side. I have a 'bounding box' preview image, and as you can see, the bounding box for the converted figure has a much smaller head, and it is selectable in the scene preview window with the node selection tool, it's as if it's hidden inside. 

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this?  This is a one-off anomoly that I can't seem to figure out.

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    Seems it lost geometry data... is there any obj file along with it?

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  • well... if you mean by "that davo", yes, I'm "that Davo".. lol

    I'm not sure there is lost geometry data. When imported from the poser runtime, it's intact, the "head" is selectable. When converting to Triax Weight Mapping for the rigging (required to save as a daz studio compatible figure with the geometry sent to a data folder), the head is still there, but only selectable in the scene tab heirarchy list.  It's the only figure I've run across this happening. It's strange to me that the selectable area of the head seems to be only inside, kind of hidden. Its weird. Not a deal breaker, but now I have to mention it in a readme.

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    Ok, hello That Davo devil  I also load and convert some Poser format stuff from time to time, but have not seen such an issue indeed. However it really looks like the geometry data is gone after converting to TriAx... no no, sorry, you're in Solid Box Mode... Press CTRL+9 and check it? Or you use an editor to open that cr2 file and check the status of related obj file in it? 
    Or post the files or zipped folders as attachment if possible, so that we may give it a try?  'cause I haven't found such a gear in my lib... lol

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    In order to select a bone with the mouse in the Viewport it needs to have a selection group - a regular grpup created (or edited) in the original model or in DS with the Geometry Editor, then with the Joint Editor active and the bone selected use the Selection Group button at top-right of the Tool Settings pane and select the group.

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    But we ever converted quite a few poser stuff to TriAX, there was no need to do these... almost everything was fine... but to general weight, yes.

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