Editor background color suddenly black.

For some reason, I don't understand, my editor background color suddenly turned black.
This is not a matter of the environment tab, I've already checked that. Somehow that grey default background color has changed, and I'd like to have it back.


  • SofaCitizenSofaCitizen Posts: 1,294

    What do you mean by the "editor" - do you mean the viewport background?

    This is configured under the Window->Style menu. You can choose "Select Style" and pick the Style you want from the drop-down. If you have accidentally updated the style you prefer then you can go to "Customise Style" from that menu and pick the colour you want. e.g. 24 Viewport Background Colour


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  • PerttiAPerttiA Posts: 8,098

    I remember some environmental products that have changed the background color and I think there is a setting in the DS configuration, which can prevent it from happening.

  • MasterstrokeMasterstroke Posts: 1,641

    O.k. got it. thank you for help :-)

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