DS Dynamic Animation Demonstration

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My main character in her itsy bitsy, teeny weeny metal bikini hunting down Orcs! What a Blast!

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    I forgot to mention that, this entire thing is just mocked up with this and that to make something somewhat cohesive. The animated characters aren't exactly being shown for what they're made to be doing, except for some of the orcs. But the scenes were just quick load-ins from the library. That said, there are glitches - things that are just plain wrong. Not to mention that I didn't spend much time in Post.

    Putting the music together was a Blast!!!

    Animating is a Blast!!!

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    Nice! Blast! Kira kira tiny bras~~ blush

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    Thanks! :)

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    crosswind said:

    Nice! Blast! Kira kira tiny bras~~ blush

    She told me that she's not actually wearing one. That it's all CG!

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