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Its been a long time since I've updated DAZ, I remember using gray scale  "Smooth Shaded" models  and then "Rendering them using the Basic Engine and a .pgn  was a good way to create images/poses for import and painting in Clip Studio, as a base layer,  but its been awhile and everything I see DAZ related is all about IRAY now days,  So I was just wondering if the current iteration of DAZ still supports the older Basic Engine, and or 3Delight. No need for a long Answer, but a simple. Yes/No would be appreicated. BB.  

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    You can still render in 3DL.

    I am not sure what 'basic engine' is. But you can set your render to 'viewport' and then render with your chosen viewport style, i.e. incl smooth shaded.

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    TY for taking the time Felis,  Viewport is probably what used to be called Basic Grafics Engine, as that was literally what it did, around say, DAZ 4.9 

    Anyhow the important thing is you can get that output. 


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    Could also be worth considering the 'White Mode' in Iray's Render Settings.

    400 x 711 - 256K
    400 x 711 - 208K
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