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I posted this in an older forum, but I'm concerned no one will catch it since the last reply was in 2021. 

Ok, please don't laugh. I have not used Daz in many years. I've been using Poser for a very long time. I just recently recieved a nice gaming computer as a BD gift from my daughter and son-in-law. So now I have a workhorse computer again so I can start using Daz with iRay. Here's my question:

I have all my Poser content runtimes broken down into categories. Like Architecture, Fantasy  Architecture, Animals, DM Stuff, Lights, etc., you get the idea. I have 27 organized content runtime folders all told. Can I do the same thing with DS content? I have them outside of the actual application and backed up to make it easy to copy to a new computer. With the new computer I plan to have the content on the larger drive. Same goes with Poser and Vue but I've been using both those applications for years. 

So, can I make similarly named runtimes with DAZ content? I'm guessing that content can easily be installed on the larger drive as well. Any help would be most appreciated!!


  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 1,845

    Sure. You just have to remember to switch install directories in DIM and not use DAZ Central.

  • ArtByMelArtByMel Posts: 23

    Ascania said:

    Sure. You just have to remember to switch install directories in DIM and not use DAZ Central.

    Awesome!!! Thanks for the quick response!! 

  • Be aware that Daz does recommend not having too many content directories - if you end up with 54 (twice 27) then there may well be a performance impact as, when DS accesses a file linked from a scene or other content file, it will try the relative path (e.g. /Runtime/Textures/some folder/some image.jpg) in each available content diectory in turn until it finds it or runs out of places to look - so that is potentially 54 tests for each file in a scene or preset.

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