Combine facial meshes and morphs for game engines


i am trying to use facial blend shapes in unity but it is not usable to have all same morphs on five different meshes.
Is there a way to combine the facial meshes and blend shapes like brows, tear, lashes, mouth into one?


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    As for 'combination of facial expressions / morphs', yes you can.
    - Load a Base Figure. Dial the expressions you want. Set figure's Resolution Level to Base. Export to obj file.
    - Zero figure's pose or press CTRL SHIFT + F. Use Morph Loader Pro(default settings) to import obj file into the figure
    - Go to Parameters Pane, Morphs - Morph Loader, dial the imported morph to 100%, then ERC Freeze in Edit Mode. Rename it as needed..
    - Save it as a Morph Asset.

    This is the standard way of make a single dial of 'combined morphs'. FACS on G8.1 can well supports 'blend shapes' Mocap in UE, but I know nothing about Unity, so you have to further figure it out...


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    Technically i get what i need with "Merge Fitted Figure(s) Geometry" and for ex. the eye blend shapes work with the eye lashes but the atteched geomety becomes offset like below. This would be a much more practical workflow than putting everything back together a hundred times. Is there a possibility that I am missing something and that it could work that way?

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