DAZ Material Texture Issue

Asking for a bit of help. The texture of the armor on my character comes off plastic not gleaming metal like in the promo pictures...does anyone know what I am doing wrong? And I haven't changed a thing. I also attached the settings I used to render. 

Freedom - Alien Armor - Texture Issue.jpg
3840 x 2160 - 527K
Render settings.jpg
1920 x 1039 - 309K


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    First, do not use Filament to preview in which you cannot see the effect of Metallic Flakes or sth like that (if there's any). Just use NVIDIA Iray preview...

    If you still cannot see any 'metallic gleaming', go to check the surface parameters of the armor, convert them to iray uber shaders if possible, use PBR Metallicity/Roughness in Base Mixing, and add Metallic Flakes if needed.

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