Daz Studio 4.21 Pro upgrade issues

Hey guys.  It seems I recently ran the upgrade to 4.21 on one of my two rendering machines.  The better of the two.

And suddenly all the tabs in each control are on the top instead of the side.

The main menu with the render button, upon button, and all the other quick controls at the top is gone.

And when I click the only Render button remaining on the Rendering Settings tab, the program renders what is in the Aux Viewport rather than the Main Viewport filling up the big center of the display.

I have tried everything I can think of to get the controls back to where I want them, but the program is just not cooperating with me.

Does anybody know how to recover my old tabs, controls, and menu bars?  And the ability ot render what is in the MAIN window rather than the Aux Viewport?


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