Daz to 3DS Max and VRay Material Editor Issue/Question

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I have been learning DazStudio after coming over from Poser so I can use Genesis 8+ figures and bring them into 3ds Max.  I use VRay 6 in Max 2021 but have been using Max since Discreet 3D Studio Max 4 around the year 2000 along with Poser 4 around the same time.  One of the things I like about Max as well as Poser was the node based texture/material editor.  Max calls it the Slate editor.  Since coming over to DazStudio, I have found that the node based material/shader editor like Poser and 3DS Max has is not preset--or, if it is, I am not seeing it.  I have found the shader builder and shader mixer in DazStudio, but if there is a way to edit an existing material, I am not seeing it despite exhaustive Google searches.  I have tried matching slot names in Daz Studio with nodes in Max and VRay with mixed results.  Ultimately, I have still ended up having to rebuild materials in VRay with the AL Surface Shader from scratch when it comes to skin.  Other materials, however, despite using the Daz-to-Max bridge and VRay material conversion, am still struggling to get the results I am trying to recreate when in Max.  Just in case what I am asking is ambiguous, please see the attached screen grab from Poser 12 and 3ds Max 2021 with VRay.  Any input, links to tutorials, etc are greatly appreciated.


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    As someone who has spent quite a bit of time with node-based shaders systems, Iray's Shader Mixer is uniquely opaque. I've been working with Daz figures in C4D and Houdini for a bit now, and I wouldn't trust any material conversion method. I always end up building them from scratch.

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    Agreed~ though I use blender in most cases and Daz Importer already does great job on shader conversion, I still have to tweak the nodes in blender or do them myself from scratch~ Shader Mixer in Ds is not that complicated but it's not user-friendly indeed.. pretty time-consuming to build a shader of my own...

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  • Is there a way to display already created materils in the Shader Mixer?

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