Load of boost emails?

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Hey folks, did anyone else get a mass (around 12) boost emails all come flooding in today or is that just me? Was it just a sending glitch or am I missing a mail notification setting on boost? Also, Daz,please change the font on the boost promo email itself! Script fonts may look pretty for titles or when you know what they say and are sitting at a desk in front of a monitor but they are a legibility nightmare on small screens and for anyone with dyslexia or reading accessibility issues. I've got neither and it still did my head in trying to read it in a hurry. Cheers and keep up the otherwise excellent work :)


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    Boost? If you mean Boost for Daz (the render farm) that is a separate entity.

  • @autumn - just found this post. Apologies for the delay. Yes, we did have a 'human error' moment that erroneously sent Welcome emails to a few Boost for Daz registered users before we nixed it.  We did mention this on our Discord server.  We recognize that this might have been confusing and even disconcerting but we assure you there was no breach in security - just simple human error.  Sorry for the confusion. 

    Appreciate your feedback on the welcome email font.  I've noted it down and will review during our next release cycle.  We are always open to ideas and feedback and joining our discord server is the best way to do that as well as get real time support (during business hours) and also access to an active, engaged and helpful Boost for Daz artist community.  BTW - Boost for Daz is service offered by a company called Infinite-Compute that has a partnership with Daz, but a separate entity all together.   Thank you!

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    I had removed myself from the Boost discord server awhile back yet also received at least 34 of those emails, apparently all sent out at the 'same time'!!! They all said the same thing, something about welcoming me??? As all this made no sense and as the spam filter has a polite option to take care of unwanted emails it has been doing its job.

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  • @Catherine3678ab Apologies again.  smiley  We have found and addressed this issue. angel  It shouldn't happen again.  :-)   

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    Wonderful and thank you.

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