Moving my content from my C drive to a portable drive

I am looking for instructions on how to move my content from my C drive to a portable drive.


  • crosswindcrosswind Posts: 863

    Just copy the root directories of all your libraries to the portable drive, re-configure the library paths in F2 - Content - Content Directory Manager... Test if everything works fine, then delete the libs on C drive...

  • rnollmanrnollman Posts: 308

    What do you mean by F2 - Content - Content Directory Manager? Where would I find that or how do I access this directory/folder?

  • robertswwwrobertswww Posts: 735

    Navigate to Edit > Preferences... (the default keyboard shortcut is F2)

    In the dialog that is displayed, navigate to the “Content Library” page and click on the “Content Directory Manager” button.

    Your primary content directory is the first one listed in the "DAZ Studio Formats" section.

  • rnollmanrnollman Posts: 308

    There is a My DAZ 3D Library which I copied to another drive to which I reconfigured the library path. The newly referenced My DAZ 3D Library is appearing in the Content Manager.  There is another folder: DAZ 3D which does not appear to show up in the Content Manager. Do you know if I should copy that also to another drive? I do not know the purpose of this folder.

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