Is my asset loading slow or normal ?

I know that the (trick) understanding of loading Figures in DAZ is dependent on the amount of Morphs you have in the \Morphs\ folder (X:\<DAZ LIBRARY>\data\DAZ 3D\Genesis 8\Female\Morphs) - Meaning that if you trim down the amount of morphs, you can load G8F faster than having all your morph folders.

So I did some testing and can prove this (trick) theory is correct and wanted to ask if my loading times are normal or much slower than the "meta"

223secs loading G81F with all \Morphs\ left as-is
269 2nd run
230 3rd run

43secs loading G81 with all >10MB \Morphs\ removed from default location
29secs loading G81 with all \Morphs\ removed from default location

I ran each test 2-3 times to get an average in seconds. I have about 506 Characters in Library > People > Gen.8 Female > Characters so the initial runs took about 2.5mins to load just the one G8.1 Female Base Figure from the .duf in Genesis 8 Female content library folder.

Then I used Treesize (great app) to find the sizes of all the folders in \Morphs\ and moved all folders greater than 10MB to another drive and it trimmed down loading time of the same G81F Base Figure to about 40secs !

Taking it one step further I moved ALL the folders to the temp directory on another drive and got the load time of the same G81F Base Figure down to 30secs.

  1. Is this normal behavior for you as well ? we all may not have the same library sizes but if you moved out all your Morphs, does your G81F load in 30secs, or hopefully less ??
  2. Another thing I noticed was that with all morph folders left intact, it takes me about 4mins to Delete (Click New scene > No) with that G81F loaded, tested twice, 3min 58secs second time, I noticed that the progress bar zooms to 78% then takes the 4mins to delete all objects to 100% - normal that it took 2x the Loading time?!
  3. Could I perhaps Load G8 with zero Morph folders in the Library and then move the folders back later or will it break the G8F since no morphs were initially loaded so applying Shapes from my other character dufs will have no change ?

If anyone could just confirm that this is the same behavior for them, I can rest easy because I understand this is just the limitations of the current Daz Studio build.

I really want to do a speed test as I have an AMD 3950X, 64GB DDR4 3600Mhz RAM and a RTX 3080 and my findings can probably really help a new Daz-er with what kind of PC config they should aim for. High CPU core count only matters if you rendering in 3DLight, a Fast GHZ CPU seems to be best; during all my loading figure tests, only 1 !! of the 16 cores were ever running at max speed! waste of having 16 cores imo(3.4 - 4.2Ghz) for Daz. I bet that a Dual/Quad core running at 4+ Ghz could get the same or better! times than this more expensive CPU config.


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 90,068

    It's the number of properties, not the file sizes, that matter most - links have to be checked and made on load, then they have to be cleared on deletion.

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