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I was watching a video from the Daz tutorials and he did a short video on modelling.  He kepts saying it was free from Daz Studios.  But all I am seeing is one that is $19.95?  Is there a free version?  And if there isn't maybe they should take the referene about it being free down.  He mentions that its free several times



  • It was at the time of the video and maybe they should amend that, you could file a support ticket.

  • Ya that's super disappointing.  You shouldn't tell people its free if its not. Thanks for the quick response!

  • it used to be over 100, so 20 isn't bad. but I can completely understand the disappointment. It should be free at this point...

  • The funny thing is I don't really have an issue with it being $20 bucks.  I thought it was a great price too.  but you just shouldn't tell people its free if its not.  I really just want them to fix the video or put some kind of note in the video page that the information is wrong.  I don't mind paying for things but I am sure I am not the first person whe has said, what?

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    Stick around here long enough and it will either be free again, or the page will be updated to reflect that it isn't (probably 3 days before it does get put up as a freebie...).  There's 'soon'...and then there's 'Daz soon'...and Halley's Comet will probably return before Daz Soon is 'late'.

  • Lol! I won't hold my breath then!


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    Lol! I won't hold my breath then!


    Somehow, I don't think purple is your color...


  • lol you would be correct!


  • Hexagon was free for a long time,  Probably at least a year.  As was Bryce,  then they started charging for the programs again.  Hexagon goes on sale often,  and as a 3D modeller one of the most efficient and intuitive ones out there,  and easily well worth $50 or $100. 

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  • Oh I don't doubt its worth the price, that wasn't really a sticking point for me.  But if you official learning videos still say its free and its not its bound to be confusing for a lot of newbies like me.  I had a lovely chat with Christina I think it was who answered my support ticket.  I just want them to update or put a disclaimer somewhere on the couple of videos that say its free and let people know its NOT free anymore so they don't get all excited and then find out its not true anymore lol.

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    Can you provide a link to the video?  So far in this thread it has simply been referred to as an "official video" or something like that, but I wasn't aware of any "official" videos other than the ones that are associated with the manuals.

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    I do not think that is an official DAZ video tutorial, it's an Introduction video to 3D Modelling by DreamLight, I know he said "Right now you can get Hexagon for free", maybe he should have said "for a limited time Hex will be free". Maybe DreamLight should edit it.

    As far as I'm aware DAZ has never done an official Hexagon video (not counting the original French ones).

    Personally, I got it when it was on sale for $1.99 - Bargain :)

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    Well like I said I think the $20 is a good price. But even though its done by Dreamlight you get to the videos directly under the Das3d help button at the top of the main page. I just think a small note stating that its no longer free would be sufficient to avoid confusion.

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