OK, Who broke dForce?

StarkdogStarkdog Posts: 148

Recently, I keep getting simulation failures, and below is the log message:

2023-03-11 13:52:22.928 [WARNING] :: ..\..\..\src\dzopenclkernelfactory.cpp(32): Open CL notify: Unknown error executing clFlush on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (Device 0).

What does this mean?  Do i need new Nvidia drivers again, or is the latest D|S broke?  I'm on version


Thanks, -David



  • StarkdogStarkdog Posts: 148

    I've attached my settings below.

    1054 x 512 - 371K
  • mdingmding Posts: 932

    I can't tell you what is wrong, but i just did a simulation and had no problems. Same version and GTX 750ti, lol.

    BUT my driver is 531.18 so it may be a good idea to look for a driver update.

  • StarkdogStarkdog Posts: 148


    Good call on updated drivers.  I recall that there was some bug with the 522-series drivers(which I had installed).  I downloaded and installed the NVIDIA 528.49 drivers, and now dForce works again.  Interestingly enough, IRAY rendering seems to be quicker too!

    Thanks, -David


  • mdingmding Posts: 932

    Glad to hear that! I also had the impression that iray was much faster, maybe some added ai.

  • vrba79vrba79 Posts: 1,285

    I seems to break every few driver updates.

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