DraagonStorm's V4 Skins Batch Converter to Genesis 2

I love this product and have been having great success converting V4 skins until tonight.  I tried to batch convert a Rendo V4 set that contained 2 folders. One for standard mats and another for sss mats.  The standard mat file has .dsa and .pz2 files in it.  The sss mat folder has only .pz2 files.  I just added both files for conversion.  After the script ran, only the files in the sss mat folder converted.  Then I added just the folder with the standard mats (with the .dsa and .pz2 files in it)  The script ran and when it completed there was no folder added and no files at all.  After looking at some of the files I already converted, I saw that I never converted any .dsa files.  So I deleted all of the .dsa files in the standard mat folder and converted only the pz2 files.  After the script ran the .pz2 files were converted but the full body mat came out all glossy.  This script is supposed to convert .dsa files but the files don't convert.  Any suggestions? DraagonStorm your imput would be greatly appreciated


  • mjc1016mjc1016 Posts: 15,001

    What's the file size of the dsa files?  of the pz2 files in that folder?

    The SSS mats that are pz2 are most likely NOT DS versions, but rather a Poser SSS...so it's not going to be very useful/pretty.

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    Maybe you could ask in this thread: http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/49518/v4-skins-batch-converter-to-genesis-2-female/p6

    DraagonStorm should be subscribed to that one (if the forum software didn't throw hiccups ...)


    IF your problem is the memory problem you could try splitting the folder in smaller folders before converting ...



  • Oh thank you, didn't know there was a thread for this. And yes those SSS pz2 mats look.... well.....butt ugly

  • Oh thank you, didn't know there was a thread for this. And yes those SSS pz2 mats look.... well.....butt ugly

    .pz2 are Poser files, and have poser surface settings, and in most cases will not look good in DAZ Studio. You would have to make adjustments.

    As for the .dsa files... I don't know what product you are trying to convert, but one thing to look at... Open the .dsa file in notepad and make sure it has the line:

    const g_sTOOL_NAME = "Materials Preset";

    in it. That's what I look for, to verify that it is a material preset. If that line is not in the .dsa file, I will not process it.


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