which of these pcs would be better for use with Daz?



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    I have received this response from the people who will be making up my pc, but I don't know what this means, can someone help?

    One thing to note, it appears the GTX500 Graphic Card doesn’t come with a standard HDMI port, only a Mini-HDMi/VGA/DVI. Will this be a problem?

    These are the specs of the pc I will be ordering:
    ATX Tower Case

    500W either Coolermaster Elite 500W or OCZ500W CoolXStream

    Intel 1155 Motherboard

    Intel 1155 Core i5 Processor

    8gb DDR3 Memory


    GTX 550 Video Card

    1TB Sata 3.5” Hard Drive

    Windows 7 HP 64BIT

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    HDMI is for hooking to your HD monitor or HD TV. You'd especially need it to play your content-protected Blu-Ray's, with compliant player software (unless... well, never mind). Click Me

    So I guess what they're asking, is if you have, or you're willing to buy an adapter cable, and if you can get a cable that your monitor or tv likes. (Or if you even plan to hook to such a display for playing Blu-Ray).

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    I wouldn't worry about it most cards these days that ship with the mini-HDMI port (most of them) usually come with a converter and if it doesn't they don't cost a great deal (from 87p for a 1.3b mini-hdmi to hdmi cable or £2.22 for a converter) anyway if you are using a bog standard monitor you'll want to use the DVI anyway (I've found it to be more stable than HDMI or, especially, Display port).

    The only real reason to use the HDMI port is if you are going to use a LCD TV and need/want to output the sound through the graphics card and you want to use the TV's speakers.

    Looks to be good solid system that should last you for a good four years or so (my Q6600 based system lasted that long, with the occasional GPU upgrade :) ).

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    Thanks for the answers, that's a big help. I currently connect via VGA anyway, so as long as it's compatible with my current monitor that's fine :)

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