Carrara versions patch updates (also Amapi) ?

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I recall seeing references to patch updates for various Carrara versions.  Presumably these patch updates are tiny files which install over an exiting installation.  I have various Carraras and was lucky enough to get an original Amapi Designer 7 disc on Ebay, which indicates version 7.02.

Do the patch updates exist online anywhere to download for Carrara and Amapi ?

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  • WendyLuvsCatzWendyLuvsCatz Posts: 35,472

    the only thing available AFAIK is the latest and last version of Carrara, in your account if you bought it

    if that link does't show it in your product library you don't own the last build

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    Many thanks Wendy.  I do have Carrara 8.5 in the Library.  But over time from Ebay I also acquired boxed versions of Carrara 2, 3, 5 and 6. Then I got Carrara 7 from a CD in a 3D magazine.

    I just got hold of Amapi Designer 7 in the last few days which made me think a little more.  I noticed from the Eovia site at mention of Amapi updates (link) but the links are dead.  Same with Carrara (link).

    I guess it's not a massive deal, but it would be useful to know what the fixes were and if they still exist, eg can users share the update patches (not advocating piracy so am referring to just the patches, not the main software) ?


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  • WendyLuvsCatzWendyLuvsCatz Posts: 35,472

    I have the Carrara 7 magazine CD version too and Carrara 6 with the Figures, Characters and Avatars book

    AFAIK none have updates

    I also had Carrara 5 from Eovia that came with a magazine 2 which is what I started with but no longer have that disc or magazine

    ( I posted it to someone who used to be on the forum who was having issues with some of the included content but had their own serial so not piracy, sadly she couldn't load the disc anyway so just lost now) 

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