Where are the Hexagon morph files sent to in Daz Studio?

We have used Hexagon to make a number of morphs for the Genesis 2 Female for Daz Studio. Unfortunately, we also have made some morphs that we are no longer happy with. We have attempted to delete them by going to C:\Users\Public\Documents\My DAZ 3D Library\data\DAZ 3D\Genesis 2\Female\Morphs\PureHearts\Product and deleting the morphs there, as well as deleting them using Edit Mode, but neither attempt removed the morphs that were saved under Morphs/HexagonBridge, and they remain there, cluttering up our other morphs.

Where exactly does Hexagon save the morph files when they are imported to Daz? Also, we did save the morphs as Morph Assets, but we left them in the HexagonBridge section when we did, so we don't know if that changes anything.

It would be very helpful if anyone could tell us how to delete these morphs under HexagonBridge so we can clean out our morphs.


  • Delete morphs manually when D/S is closed. Then open D/S, load the concerned figure/prop and the deleted morphs should not be appearing anywhere.

    IF you saved the morphs with them under "Hexagon Bridge" AND then resave them under [for eg.] Actors > Head or whatever, but to different folders -- then you have 2 morphs to delete, not just the one. They both should have been saved in the same location, under your handle and product name, all of these under Morphs for the concerned figure/prop under the handle/name of whoever made that figure/prop.

    If you save a morph, make changes to that morph, it is important to save it again to the very same folder as the original morph IF you want the new save to overwrite the old one.


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