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Is there a script ot plugin to convert Genesis 3-8 to Genesis 9 animations? I know there are still converters but I need to convert animations! Cheers


  • I'm pretty sure this does animations Bone Minion for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Poses for Genesis 9 | Daz 3D I want to say it does because I bought it and didn't return it, which I would have if I couldn't transfer animations. I've only picked up like one or two G9 characters, was very meh about them and haven't revisited it but have this as a just in case. 

  • I've made a script that will convert animation presets from multiple generations to G9, Genesis 1/2/3/8/9 to Genesis 3/8/9 Pose Converter (Updated 2023-02-21) - Daz 3D Forums. It will convert animated pose presets, for aniBlocks you will have to convert it to timeline and save it as a pose preset first.

  • Many thanks for your replies. With Genesis 1/2/3/8/9 Pose converter. If I want To convert a G8Male Walking aniblock to a Genesis 9 Mal walkinge aniblock.What would be the procedure? Cheers

  • 1. Load the aniBlock on the Genesis 8 Male figure
    2. Convert the aniBlock to studio keyframes: right click in the aniMate2 pane and select "Bake to Studio Keyframes"
    3. Save the animated pose preset (Save As > Pose Preset, check "Animated Range" in the Pose Preset Save Options dialog)
    4. Load the preset saved at step 3 using the script on the Genesis 9 figure

    WP Guru made a video explaining how to convert an aniBlock to keyframes (step 2): Converting aniBlocks into regular keyframes (and back) - YouTube

  • Many thanks n_alexandru!!! I successfully converted a G8 Male Walking to a G9 Male walking! Cheers

  • THis is awesome! Thanks to all!

    I wish Genesis 8 worked as smoothly as G3 and G9 when it comes to posing with universal tool and other tools. Animation playback on Genesis 8 is so choppy too even on my 3080TI laptop. My M1 mac had smoother playback for G8 figures. Why isn't G8 optimized as well as the other generations?

  • Hello guys. So i have the same idea with using n_alexandru`s script. And i have animation with many points on timelime(not animate) and i make all steps. Its okay but i get just one first frame. So how you can do all frames with this script?

  • EightiesIsEnoughEightiesIsEnough Posts: 1,077

    I selected the Genesis 3 Female figure and tried to open the script, but I get an error message saying "An error occurred while reading the file, see the log file for details".

    What should I do in order to fix this problem?

  • 3DmentiaNull3DmentiaNull Posts: 111

        Hi, just glad to find another chance to thank n_alexandru for such a wonderful, useful, and even simple to use script. Thank you very, very, much! yes p.s. Sorry that I can't help the previous posters / peace

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