Daz To 3DS Max 2021 Giving Instance Error

Hello, everyone, I have been working with Poser since 1999 and 3ds Max since 2002 and am very familiar with both.  I finially took the plunge and have begun learning Daz Studio with Genesis 8 figures and accessories.  I am getting an annoying error when I try to use the Daz to 3DS max bridge and keept getting the error inthe attached screen grab.  I am using G8 with several clothing items to make up the entire outfit.  I tried to use the bake option but things just went south from there.  I can get a single figure into 3ds max with the VRay textures via the bridge, but the moment I add anything else, it is nothing but errors.  I am not sure what information would be useful besides the below screen grabs of what I am working with (mix of Daz and Renderosity clothing and hair items see second attachment.)  I have a 32 frame animation to get the figure into the pose needed and the jacket to fall as required through dForce, but, I cannot get past the error in dazstudio.  Any assistance/advices is appreciated.  Also, if there is any further info that would help, please let me know.  I am still learning how to use Daz Studio and have had some interesting adventures with it over the last 6 months.

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  • I suspect that the outfit, or one part, has a single item for buttons and that that has then been repeated several times as instances. You could check that and if it is correct try replacing the isntanced buttons with fresh items (select the non-instance button and use Edit>Duplicate to make non-instanced copies which you can then, I would guess, parent to Rigid Folow Nodes).

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