Genesis 8 Female Anatomical Elements

Hey everyone. Hopefully someone can help me out here. I do not know why, but when I load my Genesis 8 Female Genitalia onto my character, it's missing parts to it. It's not the full genitalia, there's a whole upper section to it that is missing. I did not have this issue in the past, but today once I downloaded the newest update (haven't touched DAZ in months) I started having this issue.


  • Which tool is active?

  • austinwaustinw Posts: 0

    Okay so I had the geometry editor tool active and now after changing the tool to scene navigator everything is there. Very weird how having that tool active caused the parts to disappear. Thank you for your help. 

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    GeoGrafts, like the Anatomical Eelements, can hide parts of the figure they fit to. When you have the Geometry Editor active the hiden parts are shown (so that they are available for editing) which I would guess was hiding parts of the elements, and also the two will be taking SubD separately (if relevant, which it would be here) which can change the shapes. dForce/Strand based hair may also behave oddly - in this case being invisible - as, again, only the  geometry that can be edited is visible and you would potentially want to see the surface to which the hairs attached. Mesh Grabber has a similar effect.

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