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Welcome to the Bryce Discussion Forum, the place where you can talk about all aspects of Bryce, ask questions, give feedback, show tutorials or just generally talk about Bryce with other Forum members.

This is where all official updates, news, and other announcements are made that are related to Bryce.

We even allow the occasional off topic thread, as long as they stay within the terms of the DAZ3D TOS

For all the new brycers who have joined us I shall quote Darlissa from the old forum,

"You would be wise to build up a pile of snacks and Mountain Dew, kiss your partner, pat the kids on the head, and retreat to your office. Your fascination with watching the render line and making "just one more tweak" will now rule your entire waking and sleeping hours.

Please feel free to ask questions about installing or using Bryce, but please look to see if the question has already been answered. If the answer doesn't help, you can add to the thread or start a new one.

If you can't find what you need, post a question and someone will be along shortly to help out, either with an answer, or a link to another post, or to direct you to DAZ technical support.

This is a user-to-user forum so although we'll try to help as much as possible, sometimes contacting DAZ directly is the only solution (i.e., account issues, purchase problems, missing serial numbers, etc.). "

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