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I built my first animation that I would like to become serial. For example a walk. I tried to save it as an animation to be able to add it several times but when I open it for the second time it doesn't stick to the previous one but overlaps the first one.
I should answer all the key points forward, one by one.
I ask you:
1) Is it possible to make them follow one after the other? Do I need to change the global gizmo? how you do it?
2) How do I transform it to use it in the animated menu lite?
Excuse my english from google translate.
Thank you


  • What do you mean by overlap - that they are loading at the same time, or that the position revert to the default so the figure jumps back to the start point for each cycle?

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    Thk Richard for ur reply.

    For example: the animation I saved starts from point A with coordinates (0,0,0) and ends at point B(0.120.0,) starting from frame 0 and ending at frame 60.
    I would like to add the same animation that starts from point B(0.120.0) frame 60 and ends at point C(0.240.0) frame 120 so as to have a single animation that starts from A (0.0.0) frame 0 and ends at C (0.240.0) frame 120. (imagine a walk repeated several times)
    Instead, if I add the second animation to frame 60, it is positioned at the point (0.0.0) making the figure restart from the starting point.


  • There are two ways to move a figure - by the hip and by the figure node itself. Which is the animation using to move from 0 to 120? You could then use the other, seting the interpolation to constant, to have the node jump to 120 at frame 60, then to 240 at frame 120 and so on.

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    I move the figure from its node and not from the hip.

    But if I understand correctly there is no solution to the problem. Once the animation has been reloaded, I have to move each pose it is made of, as I already do.

    Explain to me what you mean with "Which is the animation using to move from 0 to 120?".

    I'll tell you how I work now. Once my animation has been built (for example from 3 poses of 40 frames) I save with the procedure

    "File>save as>pose preset (animate range 0 -120)
    Are there any other ways to save an animation?


    Is it possible to save an animation to make it appear as a module in "animate lite"?

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    OK, if the figuer is being moved by the hip then at frame 60 move the figure node (not the hip) to 120 and zero the hip apply your pose to reset the hip to its starting point, which will now be relative to the new figure position. Select the original translation key for the figure, at frame 0, and at the bottom-right of the Timeline change the Interpolation type (currently TCB) to Constant - now the figure will stay at the zero point until frame 60, then jump to 120. You may need to alter the hip's last translation interpoaltion, I guess, so that it doesn't distort the previous frame but that may be minor or depend on just how frequent the keys are. Repeat as needed each time you add a new loop.

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  • To save modules to use in AniMate, you'll need to purchase the license for AniMate2. It's an essential upgrade IMHO. However it is also an older product so it does go on sale at times for a really good price.

    It's available also in a bundle {M4 is not going to be of much use for the Genesis clans}. However if the bundle goes on sale for $1.99 or whatever, grab it!


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    It seems that animate doesn't even support G8.
    I wouldn't spend money for a product which is eol.


  • That is an inaccurate statement. AniMate works with any figure and/or prop. You need to either purchase aniblocks or make them.

  • AniMate is not, as far as I know, EoL - the makers chose to retain it even when they sold KeyMate and GraphMate to Daz.

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    Catherine3678ab said:

    That is an inaccurate statement. AniMate works with any figure and/or prop. You need to either purchase aniblocks or make them.

    So subtracks are working with G8 now?


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    Ok now i will try your advice.

    thanks everyone for your help

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