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This is where we put entries and entries only for for RRRR Stupid is as stupid does render contest.

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Tag: Jack#01

Tequila all nighter at the PA Summit

After a long night Tequila shotting and beer drinking, they decide to play blind dart, and the famous line "Here, hold my beer" is heard.





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    ROTFL!!!! What can I say. Life is like a box of chocolates! This one is going to be special. Wait, I can't say that!

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    Tag: Jim #1

    Drunk Westerners: Pranking Goes Hospital

    Logan and Colin attempt to fulfil a drunken dare while sociopathic Blake watches on and laughs as Colin crashes and burns. All this is to the annoyance and disgust of a local worker who is, for some unknown reason, piloting a heavy vehicle through a picturesque historic location.


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    tag:luci45 #1
    The Winzigblöd Brothers New Circus
    The Winzigblöd brothers were mostly pleased with the turnout of applicants for their new circus.  Heinz wasn't sure about the cats. 

    circus acts.jpg
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    Wrong ingredient

    - Look what you do you used the wrong ingredient

    You Shrink me and almost broke the windows

    Please read the inceptions first or  soon you will blow up the house

    RRRR 1 Sept 2015.jpg
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    Tag: Totte #1

    Tom's stagnite

    The famous last words of Tom "Derek, can you hit the bottle?"

  • Tag Joe Webb #1

    Cowboy Fairies Won't You Come Out Tonight?

    "Hey you guys! Watch me bean that leaping.. leper.. lepord-doctorist right in the haid!", said Dixie, while the somewhat less drunk Callahan Boys watched with a mix of shock and awe. Lepidopterists (butterfly collectors) and druk cowpoke faires just don't mix.

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    tag: luci45 #2
    Buffolo Bart's Wild West Show
    Buffalo Bart McKennna, grand-nephew of Buffalo Bill Cody, put together a wild west show of sorts and brought it to the streets of London. "My uncle's arena show that he did here in 1897 was just too tame," he said. His publicist Greta Krullar is seen calling the fire department when things got "a little out of hand."

    buffalo barts show.jpg
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    Tag: barbult #1

    I Dare You to Release that Arrow!

    I Dare You to Release that Arrow!

    RRRR Cowpoke Cheyenne Planters Roses Regency Avast GTX-R Iray.jpg
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    Tag: Linwelly #1

    Last moments of a treasure hunt



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    Tag: Totte#2

    Hold my beer and watch this - it really looked easy on TV!
    Just before the roofing-feast, during drinking warm-up, Bob gets a brilliant idea to impress the sweet construction engineer and the architect's secretary.


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  • Gopherus #01
    The Flustering of the Family Foo
    When the Foo family subscribed to Giggle Map Aps they did nt read the fine print.  So they were shocked when Giggle sent the mobile live cam crashing into their living room... they had signed up for becoming a reality show!!

    panther giggle.jpg
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    Oeps!!..   Wrong button


    RRRR2 Sept 2015.jpg
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    Tag Diomede #1

    Title: Why is he showing me fabric swatches?

    After 8 months of aggressive flirting, project manager Stephanie finally lured the cute architect to her conference hotel room to check out her "etchings." But clueless Michael thought she really did want to discuss the color patterns of the Paragon Club project.




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  • Tag: Chanteur-de-Vent #1
    Playing with fire

    The young mage, who just bought his first two books, "Everyday summoner" and "Dangerous women of all races" was very eager to combine the magic and the knowledge. Although he might be better off not summoning any fire demons using just a simple noose to keep them in place...


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    Photo Shoot

    The photo shoot was going so well - until it turned out that someone had forgotten to apply the parking brake on the green car.

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    Moving Day
    Derek with his best friend's help employed a simple plan to move his girlfriend's stuff down from her fourth floor apartment while she was at work. He thought it was going really well with minimal damage. Then Shontelle came by after work to see how things were going...


    moving day.jpg
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    Tag: Diomede #2

    Schoolboy Water Balloon Prank

    Justin and David picked the wrong day to throw water balloons at their sisters.  Today is shooting practice for the new laser guns and laser rifles at the all girls Anime Academy.  

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  • Oops - forgot to post this

    The Huckster and the Yokel

    "Golly, I guess yer right Mr. Humbug. The spare tires ain't much use without spare rims."  Spaceman Cletus would later go on to trade his grav-car for magic beans.

    Automotive Supplies


    Skyrider Colors

    Speedlights Outdoor Light Set 1

    The Yokel and the Huckster2.jpg
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    Tag: Chanteur-de-Vent #2

    Title: An easy job

    "I told them it's gonna be easy. Just go to some medieval-fantasy world, get the fancy artefact and speed back to the portal. I mean, what can those medieval idiots do to me with their swords? And those info-bots, with their warnings about fantasy worlds. What's a "dragon" anyway?"

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    tag: luci45 #4
    The Sea Fairies Rescue Andromeda(?) 
    At the bequest of Perseus a band of sea fairies set out to rescue Andromeda. She doesn't quite look as described and is wearing a foreign-looking open-topped gown. Already sceptical, the fairies are certain there is some significance to the strange omen brought to them by a sea sparrow. When Andromeda, or whoever she is, blurts out, "Primitive uncivilized sea fairies, that is a pencil!" they know that something is amiss because it will be a very long time before pencils are invented.

    The Pencil.jpg
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    Tag: Totte #3

    Just watch - I'll catch the ferry!

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    Tag - purrkat #1

    Devil Do

    Immediately, Eric realized his folly. Fighting a sorcerer with a sword. The boys would have a good laugh at this - should he live to tell the tale. 

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    tag luci45#5
    Keeping a Low Profile
    When Elven families move to the city they are generally careful about fitting in and hiding thier true identities to avoid unwanted attention and somteimes persecution. Often they pass themselves off as human by covering their ears or having them surgically altered. They always teach their children to keep a low profile, no magic stuff around the humans. Elven children adapt well and learn from human children that it is more fun not to listen to your parents.


    low profile elves.jpg
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    tag: luci45 #6
    Young Asterion's Visit to the Gene Therapist
    Young Asterion is not happy when he learns that his mother, Queen Pasiphaë, has brought him to Dr Brauer's Clinic for Genome Theraphy in order to "take some of the bull out of him."


    young asterion.jpg
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    Tag: Chanteur-de-Vent #3

    Title: Watch me pass the exam like a rocket!

    For the final exam at the magical academy the guys needed to invent their own flying spell. On the day before the exam everyone was trying out different things, while the gilrs (who passed their own exam weeks ago) watched them practicing. Castor thought he had the brightest idea on how to pass the exam, using a magically enhanced human catapult...  

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    Water World

    The eccentric Lord Norbert-Just had heard of the success of several of his peers who had opened Safari Parks in the grounds of their stately piles. He decided to go one better by installing a water park inside his grand entrance hall.
    Lord N-J encouraged his children to get close to nature. His daughter and elder son became very strong (and very fast) swimmers, but his younger son was traumatised by the whole experience.

  • Gopherus #02

    The Parkside Headers
    If your friends skateboarded off the top of Parkside Head, would you?  You would if you re undergoing initiation into the Parkside Headers, an XXXtreme boarder club at Parkside Junior High.  Not sanctioned by the administration.


    Parkside Headers.jpg
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    zawarkal #01
    |:| Stupidity Test |:|

    You can lead 'em to water
    But you cannot make 'em think

    How thirsty are you?

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    tag:luci45 #7

    Left to die on a remote and primative world by his deceitful partner,  Zed became obsessed with revenge. He returns many, many long years later to their home planet with a small band of mercenaries. Arriving in a burst of glory through a wormhole and ready for battle, he is quickly surrounded by police hover bikes with big guns and told to surrender their weapons. It does not end well.

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  • tag: Chanteur-de-Vent #4

    Title: Well, technically...

    Although the poor guy thought he was saved, when a ginny appeared out of the bottle, he soon found out it was to early. Despite the modern proffessional look, the wish-geist had no idea what one was talking about. To him, "Bring me to the nearest bus station" was the same as transporting the bus station directly here, since in both cases the positions of the man and the bus station were the same. "A car then?" The ginny brought some musem-like car, that needed to be started up with a handle. "A motorcycle?" - again some old stuff, with an empty gas tank. No use. "Just get me the hell out of here!" The ginny looked slightly guilty. "I'm sorry, but technically, you had only three wishes. Will you set me free now for all my good work?"

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