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I'm interested in getting feedback about a tool I've put together. The headline features are a powerful way to organize, view, and break down your wishlist, and a browser plugin that lets you see items you've bought or wishlisted already.

In building that tool, I also realized there's a need (expressed in a few threads) for something that gives a better overview of everything that's currently on sale at DAZ. I've put together a tool for doing just that, and while it's not perfect (and is guaranteed to have some bugs), you can explore it at http://3dwishlist.com/demo and explore around the currently discounted (from a PC member's perspective) items in the DAZ store.

The controls that are exposed in the demo are also available for filtering your own wishlist, if you sign up/in. It's completely free. To be totally up-front about it, the links to the DAZ store go through an affiliate link. I don't expect to make money off of it, but it'd be awesome if it lets me buy an additional figure or so a month, so I signed up for DAZ's affiliate program. I'm a fan, not a professional, though. I'm just hoping to cover hosting costs, and maybe the occasional extra 3D clothes or figure. :)

There's an additional feature, though... If you sign in, and give it your information, the tool will pull down your purchase history, and provide a browser plug-in (only for FireFox with Greasemonkey, and for Chrome currently) which will put a little piece of text next to the 'Add to Cart' button on DAZ item pages for items you've bought, or wishlisted. If an item is in both your wishlist and your purchase history, it'll show that you bought it, and ignore the wishlist.

Here's an awesome feature of it... If you bought something as part of a bundle (Stephanie 5 not included, as I haven't updated for that yet!) it will show up as having been bought, and even what bundle you bought it in. Examples of wishlist and bundle detection are below.

I'm working on other features, but the awesome thing about this is I'm building them for my own use. Emailing me when things on my wishlist become discounted, adding vendor tags to the filtering options, adding custom tags, etc... Since I'm a fan, it's scratching my own itch. Programmers are at their best when we're building something we WANT to use. I'm inviting anybody else who wants to, and is willing to give it a try, to come along, suggest features, etc...

I think it's reached the point where it's something I can expose to anybody who's willing to deal with some hiccups. (For example, most recently, I had a bunch of items show up with negative discounts(!) when DAZ changed the item formats. :) )

The demo link ( http://3dwishlist.com/demo ) excludes the top 3 categories (PC discount, Platinum Items, and general 30% off), but you can click any tag to hide/unhide it, and view the whole 4500+ list of discounted items (200 at a time). Green dots on the tags means visible, red means hidden. That tool doesn't require any sign up, and you can explore to your hearts content. It updates at least 4 times a day, trying to capture any new discounted items.

If you do sign up, give it a few minutes to pick up your wishlist and purchase history. I'm also looking to build a simple export tools, so you can download your purchase history as a CSV file, and it'd include stuff like artist/vendor, reset links, and more. Oh, and I _REALLY_ want to make available a tool that lets you explore your own purchase history, using artist, purchased-at, simple search, and more. I'm working on those features nights and weekends, since I have a day job, and family, that keeps me pretty occupied.

I'd love any feedback, and yeah, that means negative as well. For example, I know it looks like crud. I'm a programmer, and so it's got programmer UI. :)

Thanks, and I hope that with some help from you folks, I'll build something that folks really want to use!

-- Morgan

p.s. My CV in this area includes http://www.jbidwatcher.com a tool I've given away, free, for 12 years, to do eBay auction monitoring and sniping. I'm not selling anything, and I really don't expect to make money off of this, but I build stuff like this for the love of the game. This isn't quite as polished as JBidwatcher is, but it's more polished that JBidwatcher was when I released it 12 years ago. ;-)

p.p.s. If DAZ obsoletes my changes with an awesome wishlist/itemized purchase/etc., manager of their own, I'll be THRILLED to shut down my site. But until then...give it a try!

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    Oh this looks wonderful :-). Gonna Try it out now. Thank you so much for this tool!

    Edit: It works wonderfully...only missing six items for me on my wishlist,but I can live with that :-). You did a wonderful job on this...thank you. I do have one problem though it will not let install ur extension in google chrome. Says something about the only way I could install it is straight from their web store. Went searching and still have no clue how to make it work for chrome without it being in their store :-(.

    I love this tool and it is very handy also. Thank you again and take care :-)

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