Need help making a rigged prop!

Hello guys! I am trying to make something but have had no sucess on my own, so I'd like you guy's help.

I want to make a wearable prop that is a second thumb. I am making a character that has 2 thumbs on each hand, the hand is completely mirrored on the middle.

I tried simply copying a regular genesis 8 thumb, but can't rig it to save my life. I wonder if there is a way I can copy just the thumb joints from the genesis model and paste it into the thumb obj I am trying to make? Or maybe is there an easier way to achieve this?

Thank you all, hope you have a great day!


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    What you intend to do, is not so straight forward, and requires some knowledge of how Daz Studio works.

    In order to rig it, you first need to create child bones.

    With the Joint Editor Tool activ you can see the existing bones.

    Then you need to create child bones similar to the other thumb.

    And after that with the geometry editor and the weight paint tool add weight to each new joint to the new mesh.

    You need to create the bones on both sides, but you can align them and the weights with the symmetry option.

    Edit: if you want is as a stand alone prop, you first will convert prop to figure. That will give you the base bone, where you can add child bones to. I thought that you would make a geograft.

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    If you wanna make a seamless 2nd thumb to the figure's hand, geograft should be the best choice. Just copying thumb node will not work for your case as there's no new geometry for the new thumb node. You may search Josh DAZ and Sickleyield on youtube, both of them ever gave some good tutorials. And you need to know at least one modeling / sculpting software. A finger with nail usally needs a good scupture or you may directly 'cut' the original thumb's geometry as the graft's base ~

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