Disappearing Arms

So I'm trying to get the Vitruvian Bodysuit and Smay Cyberarms to work together. I want the bodysuit to work the way base genesis 8 does when you fit the cyber arms to it.


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    The cyber arms are a geograft, meaning that it attaches to the figure and modifies it by hiding geometry. The bodysuit, by contrast, is wardrobe, so it just sits on top of the figure. The best suggestion I can give is to try painting an opacity map for the bodysuit.

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    Not sure if this is what you want ~

    If you're proficient in Pt or Ps, making a seamless opacity map might be the best way for this case in terms of the result. Or if you can well manipulate DAZ tools, another option is to use Geometry Editor + Mesh Grabber.

    Create a selection set of geometry on the suit, hide it and fix tiny poke-thru. I roughly did it, 5 min~

    The 3rd option: Use the arm on suit~  The cyber arms are the grafts seamlessly made for the body, you cannot make it directly work on the suit. First load the arm and unfit it, use the above selection set to make a Auto-Hide in Geometry Editor link to the arm. Fit it to the suit. Then unfit the suit, create another selection set on figure's body including the geometry you wanna hide, use Auto-Hide assigned to the bodysuit then fit the suit to the figure. Technically it's doable and they work well only it might not be 100% seamless, you may need some fix, e.g. sth. like this:

    Just remove the related geometry from the selection set, unfit, auto-hide then fit. The procedure is the same~
    Ps: Remember to turn on Use Symmetry in Geometry Editor, it'll be faster to handle both arms~

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