Mirror Poses for Genesis 1+2

Is there a python script to mirror poses for Genesis 1+2 figures in Poser?


  • WandWWandW Posts: 2,493

    I apply the pose and do symmetry>swap left and right.  Or a I misunderstanding what you need?

  • mackis3Dmackis3D Posts: 44

    Oops...in my ten years of using Poser I NEVER used that! I was a bit confused looking for 'symmetry'...but it really worked. THANX A LOT! It's really weird i was so used to only work with the python script for mirror poses... and now I realize I never needed the script because it already was in Poser. With a red blush on my face.:-)

  • There are some poses that symmetry won't completely deal with properly, due to the [abdomen2] and [pelvis] actors. If you use the [symmetry-swap] function, simply manually transpose the negative status of any [zRotate] or [yRotate] values (if one of these dials are set to [-1], change it to [1], etc).

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