January 2023 - Daz 3D New User Challenge - Composition, Instancing, & Duplication



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    aki3d said:

    intermediate challenge

    title: marching band

    software: DazStudio

    Instancing: the marching band and the people on the street.


    I've added another 16 chars and changed a few musicians to get more differences.

    Nice job with all the additions and changes heart If you wanted to kick it up another notch, you could attempt varying the posing a tiny smidge between some within the sections (like just bringing the flute up to their lips while others have it at the lips) or something like that so some are just sliiiightly out of synch but its not a necessary thing (just something to consider when you do duplicates etc in future images) That said, everything is really well done and it really has that parade feel, the additional onlookers really add something special heart 

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    jecswp said:

    Linwelly said:

    hey @jecswp  nice work here I like the green eyes lurking in the dark

    some thoughts, all of the eyepairs have the same angle wich looks a bit too uniform, so you might want to turn the instances a bit around

    And I think the voluminethric is a bit too thick, you want it obscureing the creatures but we might want to guess an outline here and there.

    for the light on your fighter it looks like your major light source is from the top which gives him a very strong shadow so a suggestion would be to add some more lights (classic three point lighting coming  from the sides and reduce the intensity ot the top light a bit

    Thank you for thesuggestions, @Linwelly.  Completely busted on the eyes.  I widened the spread and drew a couple of the goblins closer to the edge of the light.  And I adjusted the position  of  the spot light which makes the shadow longer and softer.

    I really like this version with the changes Linwelly suggested! It still leaves a fair bit to the imagination but sort of adds more to the "threat". Really well done! smiley 

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    apprentice said:

    Title: The Assasin - Update 1

    Level: Beginner

    Thx for your feedback @Linwelly. You are definetly right. I made 3 more different renders with different f-stops. Please, your honest oppinion - still too much?

    In addition I saw, that I forgot to retexture one of the walls, which is now fixed.

    @DAZ_ann0314 Thank you.

    Major Items:



    https://www.daz3d.com/go-action-poses-and-props-for-genesis-9 (weapon not pose)

    Supporting Items:



    Looking between the two, I agree with what Linwelly initially said but I feel like this level is good. Makes the environment more visible but still leaves the focus on him. Nicely balanced! smiley 

  • Title: Feline Joust

    The black knight, the pride of the Lion Clan, has entered the jousting tournament. It is not going well.

    Intermediate Entry #2 - Instancing done for the splinters of the lance.

    Knight Joust 4 - Lion.png
    3000 x 2250 - 8M
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    @marconft6 wow that's a neat idea to use insatncing on the splinters, very well done!

  • Linwelly said:

    @marconft6 wow that's a neat idea to use insatncing on the splinters, very well done!

    Thanks! I was doing some research on how to "destroy" items, if it is possible, etc. and the idea just came to me. It was probably the easiest part of the image to do once I thought it through.

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    intermediate challenge

    title: marching band

    software: DazStudio

    Instancing: the marching band and the people on the street.


    Now I gave the musicians some differences in posing and body shape and added a stroller for the mother and a camera man for the local news.

    I think this will be the final render. I'm quiet happy with the result and my computer needs a break.

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    This is my final version

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    This challenge is now closed heart

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    January 2023

    Showcased Participants for the January Composition Challenge

    The Assasin by apprentice

    Showcased Participants for the January Instancing/Duplication Challenge

    Nistia by jecswp


    Marching Band by aki3d


    Feline Joust by marconft6

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    Congratulations to all those spotlighted and thank you to all those who entered! You all did an amazing job! heart

  • Thx for the feedback. Gratulations to the winners. The "Marching Band" was one I liked this round very much.

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    Thanks and congratulation to all.

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