trying to load Aiko 5 and Freak 5 in poser and always failed.

I want to make one the pose Aiko 5 love Freak 5 in pose pro 2014. I'm using a mac yosemite.

it's impossible. I have a message error when I load freak 5, a file missing. But the character is ok.

I have also an error when I want to load the Wind Dancer outfit for Aiko 5, a file missing again, but again it seem to be ok.

But I not able to make the scene, everytime poser is not responded before I can finished.

I have try to do it in Daz Studio iray but the pose of Aiko and Freak is not correct. There are no expression in there face and also the pose of Aiko is not corresponding to Freak (Freak carring Aiko). It's much faster and easier but the pose is not correct. 

And if I want to reload the scene, bug!!! like always when I used genesis or genesis 2. 


  • What is the error message you are getting in Poser? How is the pose wrong in DS?

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    Perhaps Aiko is in love with someone other than Freak. laugh


    Unfortunately I don't have Freak 5 nor that outfit to try.

    What version of  the DSON importer do you have installed?  Also, what Poser Service Release; the latest is 5.2, whcich will show up as version on the startup screen and in Help>About Poser


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  • I've got no message from poser,  it's only stop working correctly or it stop abrutly without notification. the attachment file show the best result i have gotten in poser but at this point poser not work properly: cannot moving light, parameters... 

    For DSON importer, Install Manager has not update to do.

    For the pose in DS: the face of both caracter got no expression in face and Aiko not fit with Freak 5. see attach file Freak5_carring_Aiko5_daz_2.png) it takes 8 minutes to render...

     the version of Poser show up.

    1612 x 1184 - 628K
    1501 x 1139 - 465K
  • I have try again to load aiko and freak and i've got two messages

    first, was for Wind Dancer outfit for Aiko5 (attachement file)

    and second, when poser try to load Freak 5, it's about is face..(attachment file)

    and a third attachment file to see what I got when I want to relaod a file make of Freak and Aiko

    838 x 86 - 27K
    1018 x 80 - 42K
    2040 x 2190 - 399K
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    I guess Aiko does love Freak!  smiley

    You have the lastest version of Poser.

    I sometimes get those missing .pmd  file mesages, even on things that I've loaded before. I think it is because the Genesis figure's morphs are not being transferred to the conformer. After loading (hit cancel if you can't manually locate the .pmd) , go to scripts>DSON Support>Transfer Active Morphs and see if that  improves the pants fit.  However, Freak5FaceM.jpg should be at  /Runtime/Textures/DAZ/Characters/Genesis/Freak5/Freak5FaceM.jpg

    I've had scenes not load properly, then have everything snap into position when the camera is moved.  I have "Use External Binary Morph Targetss" unchecked on the Misc tab in Poser's general preferences.



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    Oh, as far at the poses not workign in Studio, it looks to be an issue of scaling; Poses dont save the scaling; Aiko is too small, so scale her up, or Freak down.

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  • Thank you for your help.

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