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I haven't been in the forums for ages ... not big on making waves as such. Just as soon get what is there and continue on with "point and click" 3D.
Just thought I should mention I'd spend more of my "art budget" here on DAZ if the items were also directed toward Victoria 4 (a product not totally outdated).
Most items here are Genesis only oriented and as such get passed by instantly ... even if I'd buy the product instantly if a morph for V4 were included in it (ie. clothing). There's just no need to look at them further.
I've been a member of the platinum club for what seems forever. Joined and just set the monthly payment on auto. Lately I can't find items to spend the $6 voucher on even ... so I just let it slide. Considering dropping the club too as it's not doing me much good anymore either.
Can't say I know what all is involved in making an outfit for both Genesis and Victoria 4. Heck, it may be not worth the effort. But if it's not much problem maybe some vendors may include V4 in their items. You can still "push" the genesis angle ... it's what DAZ is selling "now".
If it weren't for Deviney having a store here I'd of probably stopped coming here period.
Anyway, from what I can gather from most forums, negative topics get deleted quickly and most readers never see that something is wrong with the status quo so I expect this topic to be gone soon. But one person will read it and perhaps they'll understand.

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    We don't delete threads on "why no V4 support", as long as they don't turn into fights.

    Unfortunately making V4 (or M4 or other figure0 versions as well as Genesis versions would at least double the construction work, so PAs have to decide what is the best way to spend their available time.

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    Of course it is the PA's decision on how to spend their time. Their time, like everyone's, is valuable. It is also in their best interests to make as much as they can from the products they put out to better themselves.
    So it becomes a matter of balance. Is including extra morphs/design features (whatever it is that would make the item useable for V4) worth the extra sales while understanding that the inclusion of such features would not diminish any sale they are already receiving? An increase in market base is a mainstay of every business. The greater the base, the more likely hood of success especially in times of slow sales. In addition, if the base figure includes extra features then the probability of more sales of the textures for that figure also increases.
    I am fairly certain that DAZ corporation (or whatever it is) makes a certain percentage from every sale that is made from the store/site. It would further their finances as well. I am not sure if DAZ has shareholders but if it does then in no way would they turn down extra profits on a product they do not have to place further finances into other than advertising space and storage.
    I don't expect to make any real changes here. I just have a difficult time in understanding why a business would turn away possible sales, plus, I freely admit that I prefer using V4 and would love to see more products available for use for the figure from the site that created it. What "3D addict" doesn't want more and more for their runtime? ;-)

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    They could always release, or authorize somebody else to release, backwards compatible versions as a separate toy.

    They'd have to come up with an original and snazzy name for it - how about "Unimesh Fits"?

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    The "Uni-mesh Fits" idea would be a fair solution to this topic providing further compensation to the vendor for their work/time. Prices would remain at their current level for individuals who didn't want or need further morphs while giving those who would like the addition an avenue to purchase them. Buy the product AND the "fits" then two installs later have an outfit which would still be as close to "double click" and use as possible (the dreaded poke-thru always seems to come up ... hehehe).

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    It isn't a question of adding morphs - making a Genesis item fit V4 requires reshaping the base mesh and then rigging it as a figure, just as creatinbg the original Genesis item did. As I said, it's pretty much duplicating the process of creating the original figure, only the materials would be shared.

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