(Out Now!) Dancing Slip for Genesis 3 Female

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My first foray into actually finishing a rigged dress! Its been hanging out in my signature a while now and I am quite excited!

It was also a learning project exploring the wonders of JCMs, which is probably best explained in a picture.

Yes now Victoria can do the Captain Morgan pose in a skirt and it will look good without any tweaking.

And no these aren't draped for specific poses, but will work with any* pose (within reason; things like laying down are more difficult)


Includes Iray, and 3delight specific materials. That last image is 3delight.


Any Questions? Suggestions? Unbridled Praise?

1000 x 1300 - 936K
1000 x 1300 - 519K
1000 x 1300 - 520K
1000 x 1300 - 503K
1000 x 1300 - 483K
900 x 1350 - 675K
1000 x 1300 - 792K
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    Very nice work there.  I well know about JCM's... the fun and the frustration of making them!  lol  Congratulations on mastering them! 

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    Theres some really fun stuff going on under the hood. For instance, if one leg moves forwards morph x is dialed in, if the other leg moves forwards morph y is dialed in, but if both legs move forwards morph z is dialed, but morph x and y aren't. There's also some morphs that are MCJCM's Morphs controlled by another morph controlled by a joint (or two). And at least one set of morphs where I did an animated ERC freeze (which was actually not that  difficult, who knew?)


    The next test when I have a lot of free time and patience to spare is to see if I can use the same method for a skirt longer than knee length, or if that is simply too complex. any poses like sitting on the floor would probably be impossible; way too many variables.

  • So when do I get to throw money at you?


    Also, do you have plans to make a separate skirt? Please please please? Not dress, just skirt?

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    That looks pretty good! :)

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    A tutorial on how to do these things would be a welcome product, too.
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  • What hair model are you using for your untextured renders?



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    @hanabi Well I am currently working on something that has a skirt, but it is a rather different style  (a late baroque dress), but at some point I'm definitely planning to do a Carmen inspired outfit, which will have a skirt and shirt, and who knows at some point I'll see some skirt and go "I must model that!" Which is pretty much my MO.


    @modernwizard    Hair is Miepe's Sculptural over here  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/?ViewProduct=95553 . And it is my favorite thing for untextured renders.

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    Which Victoria is this for?


    Edit I mean does it require Victoria?  Or can I use it on the base figure or other gals of the same generation?

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    @kulay wolf               Whoops! Its for the gen3 ladies, better go edit that title.

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    I was very impressed by it, sadly I didn't buy as no use atm. Dynamic is my preference for items like that, but when the morphs work on the poses included it really saves time.

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    your title is confusing. Out now!!! (coming soon!) :-p

    i always had a thing for sexy slips ;-).

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    I'd be very interested in a tutorial too - as a hopeful vendor I'd love to be able to create dynamic morphs without them having to be dialled in manually! Would you be happy to share your findings?


    Well I picked up this little dress as soon as I saw it. Love at first sight.  Poses beautifully and looks great too.  Looking forward to more using this technology, some long period dresses would be lovely. Unbridled Praise

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    Amzing product j cade, thank you!

    1080 x 1440 - 425K
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    Woo! back to civilization and functioning internet!


    @ka1     Lovely! Really like the composition with the mirror.

    @tigereste & barbult  currently a tutorial would have a lot of "next step: flail around fiddling with values in property hierarchy until it looks good, hopefully" After my next project I'll hopefully have a more explicable workflow (and have figured out how to make sure longer/more complex things work)


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    That would be great, thanks! Even just a few pointers to get going would be gratefully received :)

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    Found this thread traveling in my time machine. What happened to this elegant and beautiful product?

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    The vendor's store here was closed some time ago, it's not available for purchase anymore.

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