Bed, Roll Tube Frame, with some frame morphs and bunk option.


I had a vision of this bed while waking from a dream. So I modeled it.

Looks like something you might get at a Scan store or Cost+.


SHORTCOMINGS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The materials presets for changing the resolution of the image on the mattress don't work on the separate mattress prop.
They only work when the mattress is parented to a bed frame.


VERSIONS AND FEATURES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This model has a Daz Studio version and an .obj version.

The Daz Studio version has morphs for the frame, in the Parameters tab.

The .obj version does not have these morphs, of course.
But I do include the morph "target" files in case you want to set up the morphs in other programs.
Also, the .obj version files all say "V1". This is fine, as this V2 release has no effect on the raw geometry
or morph target geometry.

MATERIALS -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Daz Studio version has 4 materials presets for convenience.

Default Materials - restores all the materials to the default.

Black Frame - makes the frame black.

Blue Frame - makes the frame blue.

Orange Frame - makes the frame orange.

The picture on the mattress is one I made called "Dantasm":

But of course, texture the mattress with other colors or pictures as you please.

The .obj version has no materials applied at all. You’ll need to apply them yourself.
The material zones are all well labeled, in English.

Promo 1.jpg
1220 x 825 - 1017K


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