How do you know if the scene update has finished

Daz will still render without waiting for the mesh smoother to complete.

Is there any way to find out if Daz is still updating the main viewport and that the mesh smoother has finished?

C++ or Script



  • Essentially you need to listen for the right signal(s) before launching the render - I thought there was an extended discussion of which slots need to be listened for fairly recently but I'm not seeing it in either the Script or SDK forums.

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    I have check the signals in DzScene Class, still can't find anything there!

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  • When the (Applying Mesh Smoother) has ended it singnals..   connect(dzScene, SIGNAL(drawnDataChanged()), this, SLOT(hasDrawn()));   void hasDrawn(){ My Code Here  }

    But how do you know if the Mesh Smoother is still active before rendering?



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