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I recently lost my computer and I am trying to reinstall all my DAZ content from scratch.  I do not want to simply down load my backups because they are filled with files I never use and it takes forever to delete all the scattered files from any DAZ product.  Could someone tell me what Daz Studio 4.x Pro is and how to install it properly?  It seems to be an amalgamation of files, some that can be installed automatically and others that can only be installed manually.  One of the files appears to simply be the DAZ Studio program installer.  Why is this necessary if DAZ is already installed?  The description says it is a bundle that contains many products but I do not see those products in the files that I have been able to extract.  Are they already in DAZ?  If so, why include them again in this product?  Please note that I have a great deal of third party content and normally install all my new content into My Library so that I can find it.  I do not like the way DAZ has a content folder for DAZ Connect and a seperate My Library folder; just confuses me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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    "Daz Studio 4.x pro" entry in your product library corresponds to the latest version of Daz Studio and its associated files, like the default resources, the various starter essentials for Genesis base figures, and so on.

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    As for why there's a specific content directory for Connect, it's because Connect uses a slightly different structure to install products (one subfolder for each product with all its files) so it can update and uninstall them without impact on other products.

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    Thank you for the swift reply!  The description says that the product is a bundle that includes many resources including Starter Essentials for Genesis, G2, and G3, but they are not showing up as missing in my products tab and they are not in any of the zip files that are part of the product.  What am I missing? 

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    @newaltml, don't rush, take it easy.

    Download the Daz Install Manager (DIM) pick the version that is suited for your computer CPU Intel/AMD 32 or 64-bit (most computers support 64-bit, Windows 10 or 11, not sure about win 7 or 8) or Apple Mac (I believe its 64-bit)

    When you log in into you Daz, click the top right green icon, this can take you to My Account, click Product Library, then search for Install Manager.

    Do not use any other methods as this will cause you problems.

    I have installed and re-installed the program several times, for the other content you may have gathered elsewhere, this content has to be stored into an external hard disk and copied into a folder of your choice in your computer (My Files, per example)

    Don't worry about anything else, DIM will do the initial install, then you need to run it again to continue installing the rest.

    If in doubt, post your question, someone will try to help you.

    Good Luck!

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    Thank you Halcon Bluesky!  I now see that all the listed content is available in DIM.  I just have to tell it to install each item.

  • @newaltml, You are welcome!

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