A quick DIY question..

Is it feasible to actually create a figure to use in Daz Without using a Genesis base? In other words , Is it possible to make your own figure in Hex to use in Daz without modifying an exsisting model?


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    If you want to spend the time rigging it...yes.

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    Yeah, figured as much. But right now it's my only real option since i cant export from Daz to Hex.Well , best get to work then , If i start now i'll be finished by christmas. Lol.cheeky

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  • Why can't you export from studio to hexagon?

  • I just recenly bought it , and when i try to export figures the bridge to hexagon fails . It show a message something to the effect of  " bridge to hexagon requires blah blah or higher ". Ive treid evry which way to make it work, I've even tried running the 32 bit studio. Nothing seems to help.  I wanted to avoid have to make a whole new model , the only reason is that nothing the shop offers would actually work with it , And to make all the stuff i would need for it would take forever. I have the ability to export out of hexagon to daz though. So i may as well take advantage of that. 

  • What version of Hexagon do you have installed?  Did you contact customer support and ask for help?

  • 2.5 . I guess i'm gonna have to, it's just past a month and i can't returm it. 

  • Version 2.5 or version  They are different and is what the bridge requires currently.

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