Genesis 9 in Poser

When Poser 12 came out using Python 3 instead of Python 2, it essentially broke the DSON Importer.  There are fortunately workarounds for the base figures themselves, but the utility and power of the "Transfer Active Morphs" script, at least, remains difficult to fully emulate (unless there's been progress that I'm unaware of).  Still, G8 still seemed to work well enough to be worth playing around with and updating my most-used characters, and I suspected that the same would be true of G9.  For ther most part, I was right!  Simply converting G9 to TriAx weight mapping, turning off any subdivision, and putting the base figure through the CR2 exporter works suprisingly well!  Most of the conforming anatomy converts and attaches quite well too, though the mouth seems to be a bit wonky (going weirdly askew when conformed to a morphed figure).

Applying hair and clothing is my main challenge at the moment, as clothing at least doesn't seem to follow morphs as well as could be hoped.  There are workarounds for this, of course, but I hope to find a more efficient workflow as I continue to tinker.  My first full render is hot off the presses!

I think Daz really outdid themselves in terms of shaping and rigging with this one!  The shoulder and elbow seem to bend well in this image, at least to my eye!  In any case, if any other enterprising Poser users are experimenting with G9, I welcome any tips or examples of your own!


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