Questions about Cache for new Cloth Sim plugin.

Hi, an enitity called  VirtualWorldDynamics  is developing a standalone cloth sim which will work as an adjunct to poser and a few of us are trying to nudge him into working it in with Carrara as well.

I can't post the stickied link over at the Poser forum at Renderosity because of the Daz TOS but here is his question:

Anyone have knowledge that will help him and I will pass it on.

@AllCarraraUsers : I realize that you are many users of Carrara to be interested in VWD. Personally, I do not know Carrara. In my mind, the development was done in Poser and the animations could be exported in various formats, with eventually the generation of a script to integrate the animation in different 3d programs. The problem of integration in Carrara seems without any problem using the Dyn2Morphs script which seems to work fine. This is a topic that had already been addressed, there is some time. What scares me in this method is the size of the PZ2 file that will be generated. This format is particularly wordy and the size of .DYN files for some animations already make tens of megabytes.
As I said at the time, the ideal would be to find the ability to import an animation as a cache file. I think Carrara has a plugin which imports cache files. It is possible to generate dynamic animations in Carrara and these animations are not always played in real time. To play these animations at real speed without computation, the program has to store the movement of vertices in a file. If one of you can give me the format of these files, I could generate a file compatible with Carrara for the VWD animations.
Tell me what you think about that.


thanks in advance

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