Deconstructing the Sand Plugin

I asked this elsewhere but had no helpful responses yet ;)

The essence is there is a cool plugin that Muphasa was kind enough to make

In the download page there promises to be a few hints on it in the download - change parameters etc.

Tthe original Daz forum thread was nuked in the forum 'improvements' in the past.

The sand plugin works very well but I was hoping to change the density and possibly change the shape

of the 'sand' particles etc.

There is a text file (in presets?) with the number 128 (?) in it and I tried a few varitions but had no effect.

The other files (dat??) I cant read with notepad.

I wonder if anyone here could give me ideas on how to change the parameters ?

please :)

Oh, and if I were to want to make a plugin like this, what woud I need to first study?

thanks in advance !


  • Hey head wax,

    Looks like there is a Sand sample in the SDK. I would guess that's where it started. Look under Samples\PostRenderers. I've written a few of these and it's mostly manipulating 2D buffers generated from the renderer.


  • Headwax_CarraraHeadwax_Carrara Posts: 7,749

    Thank you Eric, that's very kind of you. I'll check it out! Cheers :) 


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