How do I preserve UV Maps from imported Daz objects

If this is a real newbie question I'm sorry but I've looked everywhere on the forums and can't find ananswer.

I opened a prop in Daz and exported it as an .obj
Imported into hexagon and all looks good - textures etc.
I altered the prop in hexagon which immediately gets rid of the textures - I assume it drops the UV map because the geometry has changed

I don't want to create a new set of UV co-ordinates as I've only made a small change so my question is how do I alter a prop and still use the original UV map from the prop?



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    You have to do the alteration without making any additions or subtractions of verts - basically morphing, which is really restrictive.

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    Darn it - not the answer I wanted. I was boolean cutting a shape out of a complex Daz prop and really hoped I wouldn't have to UV map it from scratch. I would have been able to use the existing UV map if only Hexagon had allowed me to save it first. In my naivete I thought it would be a case of:

    • Import prop
    • Unfold UV Map
    • Save UV Map settings
    • Make changes
    • Reload UV map setting

    Asking too much I feel.

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    Unfortunately, UV mapping is an integral part of modelling and is a whole art form in its own right!  The sooner it is learned, the better.  One positive is that it teaches efficient and economical modelling - try to map a messy model and you'll soon come to a better understanding of clean modelling :)

  • The documentation has a whole chapter on creating and managing the UVs for your model.  Have you looked at that?

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