Hexagon crashes and how to solve them

We all know hexagon crashes a lot for no apparent reason. It seems there is nearly always a reason it's just Hexagon doesn't tell you what the problem is - it just dies.

I thought I'd start this thread and hopefully get it stickied. The idea is to post what caused a crash and what the solution was.

I'll start with one which I just found the solution to on these forums. I never would have found it otherwise.

Hexagon crashes when you try to export a model in .obj format which you've done a boolean cut on. Alternatively, if you send it to Daz it appears without the cut.

Make sure you've collapsed dynamic geometry first (this is probably good practice before exporting anything). Now, crucially, select your object and triangulate the n-gons - this is found under Utilities. Voila, the model can now be sent to Daz perfectly. Thanks to Roygee for this one. I never would thought to try it.

If anyone else thinks this discussion is a good idea then post a problem and the solution you found. Same format as above - Problem/Solution. If we get enough then maybe it can get stickied.

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