The Forum Is Not Accepting Avatars? Yes or No?

GreybroGreybro Posts: 1,553
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Is it just me? I made sure that the images I tried to upload were the correct size and shape. It wouldn't accept anything. Is this the same for everyone?

100 x 100 - 5K


  • th3Digitth3Digit Posts: 17,778
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    do you see any?

    nah, cannot even embed image links which sucks, have to post the link to the full one and put a 800x800 size image up.
    I miss the YouTube embedding the most.
    pretty sad for an art forum.

  • SassanikSassanik Posts: 338
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    I think its just buggy at the moment. I tried to upload an avatar and it has not worked. I don't see anyone else's working yet either.


  • JaderailJaderail Posts: 0
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    Avatars and Banners are not working at this time. A sticky is about the known forum issues and those are included. But they have said the store will get the most work first and then other forums issues in the order of importance. So we will just need to wait for the fixes as they get done.

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