Adobe Illustrator CS2 Won't Save and Gives "An Unknown Error Has Occurred"

My partner and I received new Win7 PCs.  He installed Adobe Illustrator CS2 with no problems.  After I installed it, when I try to Save in any format to anywhere, I get "An Unknown Error Has Occurred".  Internet says it is either a corrupt preference file or bad installation due to an antivirus running (which it was at the time of install).  First, I tried to delete the preferences file (Allprefs), then everything in the main preferences folder (C:\Users\Randy.UNITED\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS2 Settings), without success.  Then in uninstalled it and deleted any folder related to Illustrator.  I then reinstalled it without the antivirus running, but still receiver the error.  Maybe there is a folder I missed deleting?


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    Hmm for a first post that's a good question Harveypoole, welcome to the Carrara forum.


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    probably don't run on Win7

    have you tried to run in compatability mode with vista or XP?


    try installing in a different folder independant of <Program Files> try the root directory

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    I think CS2 would require Win 7 w/ SP1 so you'll want to make sure your Win7 is updated to the most current version ( least update to Service Pack 1). Otherwise, there isn't really any reason it shouldn't run correctly on Win7. Also, make sure CS2 is updated to their (Adobe) most current version. I'm not sure Adobe provides support for previous version releases, but they'll definitely have the most current update for that release available.

    Also, I've found that Adobe products work best when they are installed to their default directories.

    Good luck - hope you get it resolved!

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    could you leave the info about being moved in the board it was originally posted in so us mere mortals know what's going on.. it would be helpful in knowing what happens to disappearing threads  yes


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    Moved to the Technical Help {Nuts and Bolts) forum, as the OP may get more assistance there

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