Customize Viewport navigation in Hexagon 2.5?

Hi, just purchased Hexagon with some of the Dreamlight tutorials, and as I am getting started, I am having a great deal of difficulty getting used to the default key set up to pan, rotate, etc in the viewport. Is there a way to customize this like in DAZ 4.8? I looked under shortcut and preference editors, and I did find some individual pan, etc options but they don't work with the middle mouse button/wheel sadly. This may be something that can't be done in this version of the software for all I know, but I thought I'd ask just in case.  Thanks!


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    I know what you mean about the moving around in 3D space, you can change the short cut keys by going to Edit-ShortCut Key Editor then choose view.

    The screen grab shows the way I like it, but I also use the icons at the bottom of the screen.

    I have not seen the Dreamlight tutorials, personally I would recommend the tutorials by Gary Miller and Danny Ripley. 

    CG Dreams -

    Geek At Play (series 1-4) -

    The first link is to a set of 26 shorts which shows you where all the tools are and what they do. While the other has 4 sets of project based tutorials, well worth working your way through trying each one in turn.


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