Storyboarding application- going opensource

Story boarding is indispensable prerequisite for a medium sized to big.

  1. Game
  2. Film
  3. Visual Novel

Though there are many ways to storyboard. I created this tool for my own convenience. I have shared this with the community few years back, as a freetool, now I have upgraded it with another big scene option and making it open source.

  1. Large scene size - 999 * 6 scenes, with images 16x12 size
  2. Medium scenes - 999 * 24 scenes with images of 35x105 size (upto 4 characters per scene)
  3. Small scenes - 999 * 100 scenes with no image support

Download source:
Download binaries:


1457 x 819 - 253K


  • ChumlyChumly Posts: 749

    Thanks for this

  • Chumly said:

    Thanks for this

    Appreciate your feedback and comment!

  • ChumlyChumly Posts: 749

    Pardon my ignorance here... but could I just get a little bit more help with getting this going.

    1. Windows 10 or 11 with .NET Framework 4.8 WIN 11 CHECK!
    2. Visual Studio Community Edition 2019/2022 DOWNLOADED and "Installed"
    3. ColorPallete control: Downloaded and Unzipped to Folder
    4. Digital Storyboard downloaded and unzipped to same folder as Color Pallete above

      Ok... now... what?
      Do I open Visual Studio?  or ?  Github maybe for advanced usuers as us Neophytes are always looking for the .exe and never find one with most of the stuff there...

      Pretty Please?
  • WebsoulWebsoul Posts: 175

    I think you downloaded the source code instead of the finished product,
    The installer is at, on the right side of this page is a field where you can put in any amount (also 0) and download the installer.

    Interesting program, very basic but it does what you expect.

    thank you Vijay

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