DazCentral or DIM (Daz Install Manager) on Mac M1

I'm setting up a whole new Daz software system on a new Mac M1 (Apple silicon) (latest MacOS, etc), and I go to the Daz get started/download page (https://www.daz3d.com/dazcentral) that offers both DazCentral and Daz Install Manager, and I'm confused, as there is a DazCentral download button (that downloads the Mac DazCentral even though the text above says PC), and a 'Have a Mac?' link right next to it that goes to the
Daz Install Manager download button for Mac.

Could this be any more confusing for a new or any user? Daz needs to clean that up.... but, being confused, I looked further down the page and read the FAQs, which say:

First... DazCentral is the better choice over Daz Install manager:
     FAQ: "What are the advantages of DazCentral over Install Manager?
     Besides ease of..."

Then confirms..:
     FAQ: "I'm on a Mac, can I use DazCentral?
     Yes, Daz Central is available for Mac users."

But then says..
     FAQ: "I'm on a Mac. can I use DazCentral?
     We recommend using the Daz Install Manager (DIM) for the best experience on Mac."

So, more confusion, not less.

So the question stands, which is best to use on current Mac (Mac M1, etc, latest MacOS, etc), DazCentral of DIM (Daz Install Manager)?

  • I sent this to Daz tech support but it's been about a week with zero response.
  • One feature list said Daz Install Manager was updated to run on Mac M1 about a year ago, but that is not true, as Mac shows Daz Install Manager is an Intel application (therefore running through the Rosetta Intel simulator on a Mac M1).
  • Both DazCentral and Daz Install Manager (latest versions as of 10/05/22) are Intel applications on Mac, no M1 (Apple silicon) support yet.
  • In reading every related forum post, FAQ, off-site reviews, seems people have had both success and failures with both apps on Mac M1.
  • Both apps seem to use QT 5... now, so many posts to the contrary seem incorrect, making both apps equal in that regard.

Which is techincally better (the general interface is not my concern, only reliability)?

Thanks in advance ;)


  • Although the tools were both updated to run better on M1 chips they are not, as you say, native. I certainly get the impression from users that Install Manager is better on M1s.

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    DIM (Daz Install Manager) works way better (at least for me) on macOS. One thing you will need to do, which can be frustrating if not done, and that is what you need to do with almost every program from macOS 10.15 and up, you need to go to the preferences panel , Security and the interity tab, and allow the DIMHelper full disk access, otherwise you cannot install as the integrity overrides even admin right.

    And DIM is much more "to the point", it does what it is supposed to do without a lot of other stuff, DAZ Central is, my opinion, more like trying to look like a website instead of an installer.


  • One point, although Daz central is built on Qt5 Install Manager is currently built on Qt4 - though the change log dos indicate that that is changing (but not in the update just released).

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    Thank you both for your replies... I will go with DIM, and see what happens ;)

    Update: I installed DIM on Mac M1 with MacOS Monterey 12.6

    • Install worked without issue, and no MacOS security/access needed to be changed for apps/etc to install via DIM (as mentioned above).
    • DIM automatically opens the default download/install window so if you want to change any install/etc paths, you have to cancel and get back to that after.
    • When installing apps, there was a problem during the Hexagon install, and though I got around that, there was no point at all because Hexagon will not run on a Mac M1 because it is STILL a 32-bit (Intel) app. The Hexagon info says that it will be updated to 64-bit in 2018, but that has not done to date (2022), and basically no updates to Hexagon have been done since 2018, which is ironic as I understand Daz 3D started creating software because Poser was too slow at upadting technology, but here is Daz 3D not even keeping up-to-date with hardware or operating systems. If you have an Apple silicon Mac (M1, M2, etc), Hexagon will not run as newer Macs and MacOS only support 64 bit Intel applications (via the Rosetta emulator).
    • Even though DIM is updated (but still old technology) software, the number and nature of bugs is astounding, with the majority being things like interface problems like text cutoff, buttons on top of text, etc, incredibly sloppy and unprofessional. It is usable (though annoying), but certainly doesn't instill any confidence in Daz 3D products, especially as this is the piece of Daz 3D software that they tell you to start with and use to setup the rest.
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