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I'm actually trying to make an image for the challenge. I've forgotten everything...sigh.  So, I'm trying to color my lights so that they shine a different color on my subject.  Isn't there a light lab somewhere?  I tried just changing the light's colors in materials but that doesn't work.

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    NGartplay - click on [E] of the selected light. On upper right, there is the Color selection. By default Uniform is selected and to the right of it a white square. Hold down the Alt-key and click on it. This opens the Colors selection where you can set the uniform colour of the light source.
    If you select Gradient, you can change the gradient by selecting Edit below. Here you can adjust the colour and how it changes with distance.
    Experiment with this. You can put on different colours and though it changes with distance, you can also invert it so that the light gets brighter in the distance than near to the light source.

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    To add to what Horo stated, you can also create negative lights, e.g. to create a very dark spot in an unexpected place (if the light is negative white). I've used them specifically in abstract renders. Of course, a negative coloured light will turn to the opposite colour. See the render, which has a negative yellow light and a negative red light. The 'shadow' from a negative light (if not in the shadow of another light) is actually a light spot.

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    Thank you Horo.  It's so embarrassing that I've forgotten everything.  I spent 2-1/2 hours last night fiddling around Bryce just to get a figure in, a sky in and turn down the ambient on the figure.  I had to figure out how to tab through the surfaces, how save properly...first save wasn't a save and I had to start over, lol.  It's coming back though,.

    Hansmar.  I remembered negative lighting and used it a lot in my old images.  Very useful.  I knew there was a light lab somewhere, just couldn't remember where.

    Thanks both!  Maybe I'll get this done before the deadline.

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    Another question. 

    I imported a figure but when I resize or move it, it comes apart.  I have a 'U' for ungroup but I don't think that I want to do that, do I?  I could then regroup it but won't that destroy my materials?  I used to know how to do this.

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    Never mind.  I went ahead and ungrouped, then grouped.  It worked fine.

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