Free Tutorial - Marvelous Designer for Clothes for Unimesh (Genesis 1 for G9)

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Mods - I put this here but move if appropriate.  The tutorial is free, but maybe only clothes/props/characters, etc go here.

With the upcoming release of Genesis 9, I thought it might be a good idea to revisit making clothes for Genesis 1.  Reportedly, Genesis 9 uses the same unimesh for both the female and the male.  Therefore, there are female and male base full body morphs to model gender-leaning clothes for.  Jay Versluis and Fugazi have a pre-copy of Genesis 9 and made a video for using Marvelous Designer to make a dress for the female full body morph and still rigged for the unimesh.  Most of us don't have Genesis 9 yet, including me, but it occurred to me that this workflow is similar to creating for Genesis 1.  Therefore, I put together a tutorial as a series of screen shots to use Marvelous Designer to make a skirt tailored to the Genesis 1 Basic Female, and then rigged for the genesis 1 base.

Jay and Fugazi Genesis 9 female to unimesh here -

My free Genesis 1 female to unimesh tutorial using screenshots starting here -

Both do the modeling in Marvelous Designer and then import the OBJ in Daz Studio for rigging.


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    Thank you. This might be the nudge I needed to pick MD back up again.
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    Note - I have an old version of Marvelous Designer - before they went subscription only.  The interface may look a little different in some cases but the steps are the same.

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    thanks very much for that.

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